About Us

Elevate Your Furniture Style 

We have made it our purpose to have a wide range of affordable furniture available in different styles that complement your home including modern, traditional, farmhouse, bohemian, and nautical. All to make sure you, and your personality, can truly shine through in all aspects of your home.

There are so many styles that you can combine and create the aesthetic look you want. How do you know what style works for you? It all goes back to how you want your home to reflect who YOU are! Are you in the city and want a more modern sleek minimalist look maybe in black and white? Or maybe you live more on the shore and prefer a coastal nautical look that could include wicker furniture with navy blue and yellow color tones. You’ve come to the right place, Tena Outlet has it all.

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???? Business Address: 319 Glen Cook Dr, Laredo, TX 78041, US

Telephone on HTC  Hotline: +1 (681) 250-6467

E-Mail on Google Noto Color Emoji 15.0 Email: [email protected]